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Cap/Iron Man Big Bang Art Fill Part Two
little tin soldiers, Sam

Oh hey comic deadline, what are you doing here?
The cellphone scene from Valtyr's amazing Tomorrow Belongs to Me:

EDIT: After finally having time to re-read the fic we've noticed some dissimilarities that you guys might have as well! In the draft we got, they were at a Starbucks instead of an ice cream palor/cafe.
And somehow I went and colored the whole thing completely forgetting that Sharon is blonde. ><;;; (I blame her actress from the end of Captain America)

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omg awwwww!!!

didn't read the fic yet, but your art is just BREATH TAKING.

This is lovely and amazing!

I loved that scene, I couldn't stop laughing at how clueless Steve is when it comes to technology.


Oh, Steve is so innocently confused - it's beautiful. And Sharon is amazing, I love her jacket, just like I described! Look at her giggling at Steve. ♥ And Tony's expression is so clearly despairing of Steve! This is just adorable love all through, thank you so much! You really went above and beyond with making art. :D

I just realized her hair's the wrong color. Oops ^^;;;
We're glad you like it!

Movie-verse Sharon will probably be brunette, so you're probably more accurate! It doesn't matter at all, she's beautiful. :D

Their facial expressions are amazing. This is wonderful.

This is all things lovely and silly. :D

This is utterly adorable!

REally amazing art! i love it

Starbucks! You are so very Starbucks!
Steve! You are so very...Steve. ♥

Love this so much <33333

haha this one won't be an essay I promise

Pffft, Steve why u so adorable ♥
Seriously, this expression you drew on him as Tony is going through the quick lesson on using a cellphone. So "And...?" Cannot handre. :'D

Totally awesome Fanart.

Hee. I adore the comical effect of the repeat panels, like a "..." "......" "......" "*facepalm*"


Holy shit. You could be working for comics. Both the illustrations for this fic are fantastic.

This awesome. The only thing that could have made it better would be if you put little music notes coming out of Steve's pocket in the third to last frame. otherwise I thought this was very very funny and I think you should try creating your own comic verse or even write a whole fic with comics that could be fun.

Just an FYI, but your art doesn't show up here anymore...

Art for Tomorrow Belongs to Me part two

Did you delete the art? If not, could you fix it so it shows up. I really like part one for that story, and even if the hair color is wrong, I'd love to see the art for part two.


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